Packed Bags

A fabulous Author, Elaine Ambrose, suggested I begin writing a blog. Over a delicious platter of cheeses, pate, foie gras, and buttery escargot she seduced me into this literary adventure. It couldn’t have been the wine, because I can consume bottles, and having had mouth cancer prevents me from drinking alcohol.

I’m not sure how to do it, having never read or seen a blog, but she mentioned this site. Hopefully, my denial of all things electronic will not keep me from success.

Haha, first thing I did was to lose this page somehow. Very auspicious beginning, and took a half hour to find. I’m tenacious though, and I will give this an honest try!

So, literally, my bags are packed, and I leave for Belize on Tuesday afternoon. I haven’t traveled alone internationally in almost 2 decades. This will have some bittersweet moments, because I was supposed to be traveling with my best friend, Jim.

A strange falling out has me going alone to this beautiful country. I remember vividly, booking this trip a year ago in chemotherapy. Originally, we were set for Puerto Rico, but hurricane Maria, the worst natural disaster in history, devastated the island. So, off to Belize. I pray my health will stay the course. Both times I have traveled since my health took a shit were not optimum. My last surgery was December 14th, and my fingers are crossed!

I’m relieved actually, to take this first journey alone. A precursor to my Italy vacation coming in May. I will have no one to answer to but myself. Eat, sleep, walk, drink, make friends, not with wild abandon of a 20 year old. I never did have that blissful oblivion, because I was raised partly by a Homicide Detective. However, I will not have to tip toe around someone else’s possible negative feelings. I have been traveling with my fishing partner, to visit friends or family, and to work all my life. The trips I’ve made alone have a tendency to be one way. I will get into that more, I promise, but let’s say I move, A LOT! I’m a fisherman, so there will be days and nights with my toes curled in the sand, water crashing up my legs wishing all the time they would turn into a great fishtail as elegant as a beta, strong as a dolphin. Fun ten days dares me to grasp it! Besides the photos on Facebook, I will share my celebration of fighting and WINNING the battle of my life! Here I come!

3 thoughts on “Packed Bags

  1. Absolutely Raw and Beautiful. Just like you. You deserve every bit of Happiness and Love. I hope you have an Amazing New Adventure. Enjoy yourself you so deserve it. But be careful. Love you


  2. Sorry to hear about the falling out with your friend. You guys shared a lot of time together and posted some great pictures on Facebook. It was always interesting to see what you two were up to next! Enjoy your time in Belize but be careful and have a safe trip back home.

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