Walmart owes me..

So, day two of my blog. Not sure if this is something I should do everyday, but 3 people responded, and I had something to say. I had to run to Walmart this morning for some pepper spray figuring it a prudent accessory for my travels. Low and behold my face is staring back at me on the screen while checking out. I’m assuming this is due to the nature of my purchase, but all I could think was, “Fabulous, now I have to put make up on to go shopping. They should pay me for this.”

I don’t enjoy shopping, at ALL. The one great thing about technology is online shopping
Finally, a tolerable way to obtain my belongings looking anyway I wish, and no lines! Perfect for me unless I need something fast; then I guess I’m on a photoshoot at Walmat! Say cheese!

I don’t understand why I can’t create paragraphs here. I’m told I will learn. Until then please accept my apologies. There should be breaks in my diatribe.

So, getting to know me a bit. Let the before begin, but first and foremost, cancer is not the determining factor of my life, rather a reminder of the person I once was.

The defining moment of my life happened in 1981, November 4th to be exact. Fifteen days shy of my 7th Birthday, my Father was killed in an airplane crash. He and a friend took a cesna up, and crashed into a mortuary. Coffins everywhere, how apropos.

After school Mom broke the news to my Brothrr and I. I knew exactly what it meant, sorry psychologist idiots, I would never again curl up in his lap, listen to him play guitar, kiss him goodnight. The following day I tried to kill myself so I could be in heaven with him. As a result, I shattered my left arm falling off my Brother’s bike determined to get hit by a car.

Having no luck at suicide, I lost myself in a world of drama. I fell in love with fiction. By the time I was fourteen I could drink at a Bar. Never got carded. Most people on campus thought I was a teacher. I could convince anyone I was anything except those closest to me, which is why I kept them so far away. I loved to read, act, and write. We all agreed I would be a great lawyer, but I was busy being everything. Never settling down long enough to get serious.
I graduated early, and left my Laguna Hills home for Springfield, Missouri. Bad idea. Sorry, but that place was NOT for me. I ended up correcting my teachers. After one semester I was off to San Francisco.

So, for tonight, I’ve started the beginning. Giving you a glimpse of my early adulthood. Throughout my life I have been a model. Traveled all over the world making a living being a glorified coat hanger, and I have one thing to say…Walmart owes me a paycheck!

3 thoughts on “Walmart owes me..

  1. I did not know your dad passed in a plane crash. And you tried to kill yourself.
    My heart hurts for you. I’ve learned a lot today. You did an Amazing job expressing yourself and being Raw with your thoughts. Can’t wait to read more.
    Love you

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