Best in Belize….

Is NOT the way I would characterize this trip lol! After the falling out with my buddy, I knew this would be the case. Normally, we would split the trip which would ensure a beautiful hotel, exciting boat rides, fishing trips, ect., but on my own pathetic budget this trip will be the cheapest Belize has to offer. I would have cancelled it altogether and put the money towards Italy, but hurricane Maria took the travel insurance. So, with the little money I have after the crushing cancer blow, I’m going in.

Now, an adventure is underway, and I say that with a grin from ear to ear. While my old friend is on the same flights, and has tried to push his way into my vacation through texting, I have now blocked the number and am ready for vacation Budget Belize to commence!

I booked a room knowing full well they don’t supply towels (I will buy one), warm water is sketchy (The ocean is out my front door), and it is VERY inexpensive. They have coffee, which is the one thing I can drink, a pool, and in did I mention, are right on the beach! Let’s hope I won’t be followed. The way I see it is, if I have a bad time, I have no one to blame but myself!

The weather will be warming up to an inviting 80 degrees which I will be grateful to accept! Met a lovely woman, Melissa from Montana, over breakfast. She is headed to St. Thomas for two weeks, and wish we would have shared info. She ran back to show me an article about sun exposure being healthy after discussing it’s dangers over a bite of eggs with cheese. How very thoughtful, and an affirmation of why I moved to the wild, wild west. The people are kind.

Captain Dodge is about to take me away, and I’m already feeling 100% better than my last few trips. Not saying I feel 100%, but the rest worked wonders! Looking forward to getting my toes in the water, ass in the sand this afternoon! If they should stay firmly placed for 10 days, so be it!

After an easy arrival, quick ride to another airport, I arrived at a peaceful place. Something I feel like I was supposed to do, a place I need to be. I sit at the ocean with Fleetwood Mac playing in the restaurant after a lovely fish dinner, Go Your Own Way is on, and I know. I met a couple who are taking my through the jungle next week, and I feel love. I’ve met the whole family now, the local cop, Terrance, and I know I will not only be back here, but will feel part of this place. Airport travel a breeze.

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