Like a little kid..

The sound of the ocean never lulled me to sleep. At least not the first night. It is my drug; I’m addicted to it. Can’t remember a time when the sound didn’t call to me. After everyone went to sleep on the fishing boats, I would sneak out on deck to watch the water slap against the hull. When visiting my Grandparents back East, we would sail on the Chesapeake Bay, and I would love to be out on deck. The closer to the water the better! So tonight, I gave up trying to sleep at 1 am, grabbed my fishing pole, and let the water get me high! Now, I have had my quiet time with my ecstasy, and can rest peacefully. Until I need it again in a few hours, of course!

I got wrapped up in the island all day. Started by shopping for supplies, exploring, and deciding what to do during my 9 days on Caye Caulker I started with securing my first snorkel trip, which I’m waiting to leave for now. My jungle, cave, and ruin trips are next week. Then tested my equipment, and got to know my neighbors. The nice couple from San Antonio own 2 condos in the hotel I’m staying at. I was innocently walking back to my room laden with protein shakes and granola bars i.e. twix bars and rum, inhaling a pleasant smell or as most of you call it cigarette smoke. They invited me in and took me to dinner. Joan doesn’t eat fish so she was happy to share a small portion of her fettuccini alfredo. I took her fishing after dinner. We closed the Sports bar, exchanged numbers, and was sad to say goodbye.

So, off to swim for 6 hours with the fish was exhausting and exhilarating. I haven’t swam since my diagnosis a year ago. The feeding tube prevented it, so I came straight back to the room and it was goodnight! We dove 3 different sites, shark ray alley is exactly what they sound like. A 6 foot nurse shark was next to the boat as soon as we jumped in. All sizes of stingrays, eels, fish, and a sea turtle swam around. We had a group of 8 which was nice, because we saw many larger groups and I can see where it would be difficult to listen to the knowledgeable guide. The other two dive spots were filled with beautiful coral and fish. We saw 4 beautiful black rays gliding passed that didn’t seem to know they were on a tour, but posed for Maria’s pictures all the same. Maria was an underwater photographer in from Argentina who swam the way I used to before the C. She darted through water like a dolphin. My out of shape stick figure went through the water like an alligator. If you didn’t know I was breathing you would swear I was a log. As usual, the people were diverse, interesting, and friendly. There was a couple from Paris, Wisconsin, Denver, and Maria. Been a great day so far!

Tomorrow will be a much needed day of rest, I’m sure, and working on Blue Dawn.

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