Getting the feel…

I knew that after the day of snorkeling I would be tired, so I rested at the pool. Also, there is a HUGE party on the north island tonight that everyone seems to be going to. Koko King is supposed to be fun, and now that I’ve met a dozen or so neighbors, it should be enjoyable. I love the amazing mix of people here! I’ve spent the day speaking with an airline stewardess, a federal judge, a Navy man, a mortgage banker, and a group of fishermen I’m hoping will let me tag along. The extremes are vast at The Club in Caye Caulker, but we all agree the place is magical. Three of the couples I’ve met own property here, and are in different stages of building. While listening to the intricate details are not thrilling, the excitement in their faces is infectious! I’m happy for their adventurous spirit, and feel a lot less crazy around them.
Most people listen to the details of my life and think I’m lying. No one here doubts my adventures, or my intention to live in the Caribbean. They gladly answer my curiosities, and provide me with practical information.

I have had brief moments of doubt where I questioned my choice to come alone to Belize. The moments were short lived, and I quickly realized I was not in the right place. As soon as I changed activities or locations, feeling at ease came back immediately.

I’m going to try a local delicacy for breakfast tomorrow called fry jacks. I hear they are wonderful and soft so I may find a culinary stride. So far eating has been a disaster. I did have some calamari this evening that was beautifully cooked, but I’m going to need more to survive.

Then, the playoffs. If you know me then you’ll understand. I love football! No matter where I am in the world, I will find my games.
I did work briefly on the book, but with such a beautiful array of characters, I’m enjoying being in the mix.

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