Stormy morning on Caye Caulker. I’m at Errolyn’s house of fry jacks. Hoping for my first full meal stuffed with egg and cheese. A local delicacy I was told, ignorantly assuming it was fried fish, turns out to be a puffy pastry filled with your favorite breakfast stuff. For me, the holy grail! Soft, filled with delicious protein? My burning bush!!! Very easy to find too, just look for the line of people up the street.
My order is in, pay when you pick up, and it’s culinary braveheart for me. I need food desperately, and protein shakes are failing considering my activity level. I’m actually proud of myself. The only taxi I’ve taken was to cross a body of water. I’m walking everywhere, and have the monstrous blisters to prove it! The jack was a success, and it is a great thing I was able to eat it, because they are out of the protein shakes I like. The whole island is out, back to Ensure and Boost, YUCK!

I see people on the island getting excited for the playoffs. Bringing your favorite football Jersey on vacation is dedication! I don’t blame them a bit either! I’ve gone with two jerseys, one for Boise State and for the 49ers. 2 sports bars on the island, the Barrier Reef is the nighttime hot spot also the island’s self proclaimed Sportsbar. I has the TVS, but as of this morning, they were still working on getting the games. Then there’s the Penalty Box. The Canadian owner sold the first one, and opened it. I’m on my way to find out it’s football situation. Due to the horrible weather, my bet is thee who has the games gets the people. It’s going to be packed.

Just checked the weather, and the storm is supposed to pass leaving tomorrow with cool 75 degrees temperatures perfect for me to hike through the jungle! I’m excited to explore the caves of Central America, and tube though portions of it’s many miles. All in all Belize has been kind to me.
The people, the weather, the food have been more than accommodating on this fabulous trip!

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