Sleep 2 lol

Never did get to tell you about it, probably because the daytime hours are more exciting. I dreamed all night with Freddy Kruger as an unwanted guest. How? Why? I don’t have a television in my room, so where did the knife wielding dream killer come from, I wonder. Please, go away is all I can say. You’re not wanted on my Belizian holiday, and definitely not invited to my bed!

Storm clouds are breaking, New Orleans Saints are up 6 to nothing in the first, and have the ball. Might have to let the game sort itself and enjoy the beach. I’ll give it until the 1st quarter at least! Yay, touchdown Saints!! Meeting more fascinating people by the minute! Couple of spear fisherman and I just swapped stories. The games ultimately did not go my way, but as a 49er fan I’m used to it.
Monday, have to go check out the zoo. So glad I went! It’s Tuesday now, lol, time flys when you’re having fun, and your phone dies. I’m back, and the zoo was AWESOME!! The animals were fat and happy! Leopards, crocodiles, birds, and the country’s official animal, the Tapir. Essentially a giant anteater that made me laugh! The environment was lush jungle, and the cages were clearly for their protection from us.
Back on the island after a rush to the ferry, and it’s time for a great dinner at Roy’s. I was invited by my wonderful Vancouver neighbors to join them. After dinner I’ll dance the night away at the Wolf Moon Party.
I am loving this vacation and Belize!

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