Why not?

Looking back, I keep thinking how little I’ve changed. I’ve allowed other people to hold me back. While they were being cautious, practical, or selfish doesn’t matter. I allowed it, and now I WON’T make that mistake again. Screw being a slave to how it makes OTHERS feel. If I want to dance, I’m gonna boogie! Sing, cover your ears, swim, going snorkeling in the Caribbean, and travel! I love being down here alone able to meet people without worrying about how someone else would feel. Talk to women and yes, MEN about where they are from, making friends, even talking about future vacations is something I have been on lockdown for a long time. I’m LOVING dancing all night until my legs burn, saying goodnight to everyone and going safely to my room alone. Getting up at the crack of dawn to go cave tubing, learning all about the vegetation of the jungle, and the cave system running under Central America. Why, cause a bartender’s wife would love to show me.

Vacations are multidimensional, and the people you meet are the most important piece in my opinion. I’m saying, “HELLO” to everyone! Now, most of the island knows me, invites me out, and teaches me wonderful things!
I’m happy, no reservations or fear!

Thank you cancer for reminding me that you don’t have to put up with being treated like you’re told. Live on your terms, not the other way around!!!

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