Sorry, whiplash..

Gonna be bumpy in this blog, my apologies in advance.

Went all around a part of Caye I’d never seen. Past the airport, houses the locals, and some ex pats.
Now, I’m sitting in my rented golf car to take me back to Koko King on the North part of the split. So, if you live on this island you have to go by boat. If you build here, the essentials have to be brought by boat. I went around looking at property that looks more trouble and cost than I’m willing to spend. The road hasn’t been built, whereas the houses I looked at on main isle just need tlc. Kinda like me, I’ve got the roads in but I need a bit more care and good to go. I will find this Tommy guy, and find out. Here’s the deal, the Belizians get the parcel from the government for $1500. They turn around and sell it for whatever they want. I’ve heard prices as low as $7500 to as high as $95,000. One jackass expat wanted to charge me $155,000 for land alone. Mind you, whatever you pay, the value will go up except that last one. If you strike oil there, maybe!

One thing I’ve noticed is that you cant trust anyone here. The minute people heard I was looking vultures started to descend. People get so picky when you laugh in their faces. Seriously, don’t try to swindle, I have that badge already. You guessed the wrong mark. I LOVE the entertainment value though, so thanks.

I’m now sitting by the pool waiting for the last pitch. The nice thing down here is that everyone speaks English. It’s like rural Scotland though, you know they’re speaking it, but it’s just not English lol.
I’m very excited for the Cancun trip coming up in March!!

I watch my lost friend and his Achilles heel walk into my hotel restaurant. What, couldn’t pick one of the other 30 restaurants on Caye Caulker? No, just go in while I sit here looking fabulous by the pool. Your problem, and another affirmation that I was right to let this friend go. I am sad though, because she is such a bad person. I can’t be her though, and it’s what he wants.

An Achilles’ heel or Achilles heel is a weakness in spite of overall strength, which can lead to downfall.
I won’t be sick for you! In case you are unfamiliar with the reference, it’s from a play called Nuts. Maybe you saw the Barbara Striesand movie version? I’m not a victim, and I don’t play a damsel in distress. For ANYONE!!!

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