Talk about turbulence.

It poured all on the island which made my confidence in travel diminished by the hour. I gave up at 4am when American Airlines sent the all clear on the mainland. I got to the airport, no plane or key to get in the one room building expertly designated as an airport. However, the plane arrived from San Pedro island and we were on the 10 minute flight to Belize. Just as we approached the runway, we banked and 9 minutes later touched down back in Caye Caulker. Ron White’s comedy came to mind. “just can’t pull it off with this equipment!” So, my dreams of making my flight back to the States deflated like a soufflé, poof. I called the airline who assured me, due to FAA regulations, they could NOT hold the plane for me. No shit! For $650, and 2 days later I could get home. No thanks.
So I comprised, and paid almost half that arriving 2 hours earlier. Yes, I drive a hard bargain! Thank you Southwest, AND I don’t have to be on the same planes, go through customs, and wait for bags alongside the happy couple. PUKE! I’m smiling ear to ear! I’ll be in my pjs when I was going to be in Phoenix, happy dance.

Yes, my Canadian friends, I left the bag for you. Let me know who tries the pastry (wink, wink). The amount of Canadians in Belize was a bit of a shock, but I met the very BEST! These people had me laughing throughout my whole trip! Not that I needed validation, but it was fabulous having 3 great couples excited to see me and hear about my day! I love seeing a group of friends who travel together! They have been all over for 25 years living and laughing together. Maybe it’s a Vancouver Island thing?

I met wonderful people in Belize, and many who will be in my life for years to come. Whether or not Zuckerberg starts charging for Facebook!

Scott and Amy from Ft. Lauderdale were incredibly kind. As I booked my Southwest flight I rolled my eyes knowing at this late in the game I would get a middle seat only. Scott said, “Now everyone has to be afraid I’ll sit next to them, not who will sit next to me.” He has an excellent point!

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