I feel secure..you?

I have travelled extensively in my life. I flew to Paris right after the shoe bomber. Obviously, before and after 9/11. I was in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, deep in the Great Smoky Mountains with no cell service. We happened to leave a little early so I called the airline to move up my flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles. They told me about the attacks occurring in New York. That’s another story, but I’ve seen many changes in security, even laughed at it. No chainsaws, always cracks me up. The amount of guns that squeeze through security. I’ve lost countless pocket knives, scissors, shampoos, lotions, fishing tackle, you don’t even know. The thousands of dollars of my stuff securely in a garbage bag while I’ve walked through with ammo, scissors, most recently mace. The Belize security did remove my scissors though, so I could only mace you.

Then, I went through customs in Denver. I had purchased a bottle of Kahlua in duty free while at the Belize airport. It now is in the garbage, never opened in Denver, because I had to go back through security. I have flown with a makeup compact which has a mirror in it everywhere. Simply break it and you have a knife.

When I flew to Mexico earlier this year, the LAX TSA woman treated my feeding tube like a trigger and my food as an explosive material. She swabbed EVERYTHING in my purse and on my person. She even gave my vagina a rub.
Do you feel ANY safer? I don’t, but then again I have NO problem kicking the shit out of a terrorist, nor any fear of dying.

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