All you need is love..

Judgement will always astound me. I was raised to always assess and judge. People, environment, threats, trust, the list goes on and on. Then when you think you are safe, think again. Example…don’t take candy from a stranger, but on Halloween ok. It’s ok to eat your candy, but stop, was it wrapped properly? The ultimate evil, did you receive an apple? That’s worse than candy!!! Razors could be buried in there.

I have to wonder when and if there was a time when I could donate a fishing kit to a young person. (I just got the memo about not being able to use the word “man”. Sorry) it would include a small fishing pole, might be misconstrued as a weapon or gender specific, reel, choking device, line, garrote, hook, blah blah blah.

The disconnect of political correctness has us demonizing the most basic joys in life.
It also is robbing our children the gift of love.
Shame on all of us! All you need is love!

Yes, I don’t have children, but I have watched as an outsider generations get screwed by some of you. Withholding loving family out of spite, jailing because of a missed payment, denying access for NO reason except you can. Shame on you. One day we will ALL be dust in the wind. Let love spring, allow wind to fill the heart like a sail, and stop this punishment!!!

I will always watch my back, and try to look out for the bad guy. I will never stop raging against this bullshit that takes love away from children. I was raised by the values of right and wrong. I grieve for every child who is denied love.

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