Another security laugh…

I have to share this one. So, I did a test run for Italy. Keep my bag lightweight, and without the need to check a bag. My first trip to Europe, my first stop was Ireland, but my luggage got stuck in England. I wore comfortable jeans on the flight, but I wasn’t allowed to eat at the restaurant in my hotel due to the dress code. So, luggage is coming with me.

I get to Boise airport today, and here’s what occurred. In case you missed the first blog, they took my scissors and let me fly to and from Belize with a can of mace. I left it at home for this trip. Didn’t want to push my luck lol.

I put everything correctly on the conveyor belt. Pulled out my medication for explosive inspection. Then she starts attacking my bag. I asked what she was looking for.

“You have a knife.” She informed me.

“Yes, I do.” I showed her right where it was. “It is within FAA regulations. It’s plastic, less than 3 inches, and looks like a credit card. What’s the problem? I just flew to and from Belize with it. “

“Well, those are some poorly trained TSA agents.”

I looked at her, “Well,” I struck a pose, and said with a smile, “I flew out of this airport, and it’s not the first time. Thank you for your hard work!” Eyebrow up.

She continues attacking my belongings swearing I have a can of mace. I assured her that I removed it from my bag after flying home with it in my purse. Belize security and Denver missed it. I do have a battery charger that looks similar, but it clearly is not. She is all faklempt, and takes everything back through the scanner. The other TSA agent assures her there’s no mace. After one more search I’m cleared for takeoff. Got to keep my scissors though!

I feel so much safer. Haha.

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