Would it help..

So, this is twice in 5 days my flight has been diverted due to weather. Now, if I lived in or was traveling around the Chicago to New York area I would completely understand, but I’m going to San Diego from Boise, the place weather forgot. 50 degrees and sunshine there. Four days ago I was on a 10 minute flight from Caye Caulker to mainland Belize. In both cases I could see the runway. What is up? I don’t need to be around this anger; it’s not good for me. When they don’t understand my calm demeanor I just look at them and say, “Would it help?”

I understand when your job is on the line, people are waiting for you, babies are screaming, on and on it went. It’s frustrating, but what are you going to do? So, my suggestion is breathe, try to remain calm for everyone’s sake. Kinda like elections, Trump IS President. Stop raging against him! Your blood pressure will thank you! Stress kills!

Ask yourself, “Would it help?”

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