How do you decide a friend?

Friendships are a funny thing, and will be a running theme, because of the amount of our breathing time dedicated to them. I promise to add other topics, but how can you not consistently include one of the most important things you have in your lifetime?

I was always told if you can count on your hand the number of friends you have, you’re lucky. Like some proof you’ve lived a good life. I would say I’ve got a handful, but what a crock. Would people show up to help me move? 10 people probably, but who knows? My besties don’t all live close. Did everyone who visited when I was sick qualify? Not all of them know everything about me. Did they all visit, no! People have lives, and I can’t base a friendship on who shut theirs down and held my hand.
Family is the same. Mom was there for all the major surgeries, but Dad stayed to work. Is Jim my best friend, because he was usually there? He’s retired with nothing better to do. I gave him purpose on a daily basis, and I gained much needed help when radiation and chemo were kicking my ass.
What people saw was a snapshot. The nurses at the cancer center saw my husband 3 times. I thought it was 5, but who cares?
Here’s how it’s going to be. I’m going to love the people in my life who treat me with love. The rest are set decorations on the stage of my production. When I die, and the celebration begins, I hope a few of you had great moments and loving memories!

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