Moving forward is fun…

I’m forever amazed that people who treat you like a shit are surprised when you say no more buddy. You tell them you’re not the kind of person who puts up with crap, they see you easily cast aside assholes, and then the shock occurs when you say hasta la vista, baby. I cant stop laughing at the utter astonishment. Me? Oh no, I’m too special. Yeah, no you’re not, sorry. I’m done hanging on to people just because I love them. Fly away and be free, please! Try to do it before I start to hate you! Even better for both of us. I recently saw this starting to happen in a friendship, and I am sad that I tried to hold one together too long. Shit, but onward and upward.

I am going to one of my favorite places in the world, Riggins, ID. A famous fishing tournament, called Women With Bait, is celebrating it’s 25th year, and this will be my first time. I’m on the Snatch and Release Team, which my friend up there tells me is her favorite group! I’ve known about this tournament since 2005, but I’m not a tourney fisherman. It’s also pricey, but fuck it you live once. I have NEVER actually packed makeup and heels to go fishing. The first night we are all supposed to dress up in neon 80’s theme. I have a feeling I’m going to meet some GREAT women and have great fun! The fish are in the area, so I see a HUGE success on many levels!

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