Worst grammar so far

For those of you who do not know me, I am a fisherman.

Coming up this weekend is the Women With Bait tournament for my group. A tournament I have always wanted to enter, but never have for one reason or another.

So, before I left for Belize I drove to Idaho Fish and Game, got the paperwork needed, due to my eyesight I need a special permit, and had it ready to take to the doctor’s office.

Today I take this specific piece of paper to my doctor, have her sign it, and off to Idaho fish and game I go. I get there and tell the same girl here’s my paperwork and she says you have the wrong document.

I am bothering a nerosuergon to sign this stupid thing mind you.

Now before I left for Belize, I went to her and she gave me the document that’s supposed to be for this particular license.

So I take a deep breath take the new paperwork over to my doctor and have the doctor sign it, again.

I feel the joy of success becoming overwhelmingly great after going back-and-forth back forth back-and-forth to finally having my necessary permit to fish this weekend, but no. OH NO!

They don’t take credit cards, only cash or debit. I don’t have a $123. I never take a debit card with me when I leave the country and I haven’t put it back in my wallet since I went to Belize.

So I have to drive all the way back to my house to get my debit card. I’m a little pissef off, but suddenly it dawns on me. I have a bank branch near Idaho fish and game. Yeah!

I go there, get the money, go back to Idaho fish and game department.

Hand the money over.

Now it’s like I’ve given her pesos.

Finally, I have my license am ready to fish the steelhead tournament this weekend but while I was sitting around waiting for the doctor to sign the other piece of paper I had to kill some time, which I did at the gun store.

Never leave me in a gun store or a fishing store with a credit card. Nothing good can come of it except for me of course because I have a brand new 30 06 Remington which is beautiful and I love it.

Getting a shot in the brain tomorrow..could be worse lol

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