The Tournament Part 1

For some reason, my drafts for my next 3 blogs have disappeared into cyberspace n’er to return. I can pay to see if advanced technical support can recover them, but I’m going to make the financially responsible decision and just move on. This lost phone episode has cost a pretty penny in more ways than one. So, let me begin again!

I was amazed at the women I was with last weekend! The Women With Bait Steelhead tournament has always been something I had to do, but it is very expensive for one day of fishing in the middle of winter. Therefore, I put it off year after year. I’m much more apt to save the cash and go to San Diego in May when the weather is great, and the yellowtail are biting. However, with my new lease on life, and a stay warm strategy, I took the plunge!

To the majority of women that I met, fishing was just a small part of forging friendships, sharing histories, and enjoying each other which is the spirit of the event. I knew the year before not a single steelhead was caught. In a tournament that lasts a month and a half, 900 women still wanted to spend the money to be part of the fun!

My group’s fearless leader, Jamie Robin Vaden, had her work cut out for her from the beginning when a group of idiots threatened not just the tournament, but the fishing season altogether. The jackasses thought it would be fun to file a lawsuit over a government permit, and threaten the lives of entire towns, not just a few fishermen. The stunt was quickly squashed when they realized that you don’t mess with Idaho anglers. With grace, she kept everyone calm and the group together. Thank you, Jamie, for my first time fishing on the ‘Snatch ‘N Release’ Team in the 25th annual Women with Bait Tournament!

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