By request…Part 1

I have been asked to write about my time on fishing boats, and I’m happy to share. When I was 17 my Dad took me on my first offshore fishing boat, then named the Cherokee Giesha, now the Old Glory. She is an old 85 foot yacht that was retrofitted to be a fishing boat. Back then she was Captained by Butch Harris.

Dad and I had been out on boats from Davey’s Locker in Newport Beach, CA a few times. Half day and twilight tirps, but he realized my passion for it, and finally allowed me on the overnight tuna boat. I was extremely excited that he finally felt I was ready for this challenge. I wasn’t!

The trips I had been on had been very easy. Stand in your spot, drop your bait to the bottom, reel up a bit, and wait for a bite from some fascinating fish! Tuna fishing is difficult, chaotic, easy to screw up, and although Dad prepped me on the way from Laguna to San Diego, I was shocked. At first it seemed normal, we arrived at H&M Landing early, about 8pm. The boats come in between 7 and 9pm depending on whether they need to fuel, let off the passengers, clean up the boat, and let the next group of approximately 40 passengers on board. Rachel boat takes different amounts of passengers. The limit on the Cherokee was 44 passengers.

Approximately 15 other boats are doing the same thing. Crews are pushing huge dock carts filled with the days catch up the docks, and supplies back down. If you’ve never seen it before it’s a ballet of hundreds of people dancing in dash that lasts about 3 hours. Truly a site to see, at least it was intimidating to me that first time, but I stood by Dad while he lead me through the steps! Thank you Mickey! I love you!

I have to break this up into 2 parts, because this trip shaped me for years to come!

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