The Tournament Day 3

Saturday started much the same as the day before. My roommates were snuggled up asleep in bed while I donned my cold weather gear and waited for the big red truck. Our group met at Salmon River Adventures at the correct time so the town was left without a breakfast option. Our launch point changed to Hammer Creek so a little bit longer drive was in store. We shared stories of the previous evening and felt the excitement of another day. We even added a new angler from the other boat whom no one knew, excellent!

Once we reached the new spot several boats were set to or already putting in and with only a six mile stretch that’s a lot of traffic, therefore we decided to head over the mountain and put in at Hell’s Canyon.

Renae, or as we were about to learn nickname Roadkill, got behind the wheel of the Ford F250, and with confidence took charge of a treacherous drive. Through the Nez Pierce Forest into Hell’s Canyon, aptly named, the road is not for the faint of heart. The road is terrifying if you are afraid of heights, and when it’s icy like this, slippery. The truck in front stopped early to put chains on. We had to lock the hubs into 4 wheel drive. The dirt road was covered with snow and ice at times, and deer were jumping all over. Renae calmly traversed the switchbacks over a 5000 feet mountain to bring us safely to the Snake River. She told us the story of one year she kept hitting animals on the road including a bird right in her face while on a motorcycle which earned her the nickname.

I couldn’t stop writing about the wonderful, brave people I was with. That part of the world always stimulates my creativity and I was tapping away on my phone trying to keep up with my thoughts. We safely reached the launch site, not as crowded here for sure, but we looked at one another and knew that we ROCKED!

I’m proud to be friends with these brave women!

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