Steaming, with solution.

I’m furious this evening. Don’t read if you don’t want, but I hate liars. If you make promises, keep them people! Little ones to big ones. I know shit happens and sometimes you have to break a commitment, but to blatantly lie outright over and over is just foolish.

Let me explain. I married a man when I was 21; it lasted 30 days. He buried me in debt financially, kited checks in my account, lied about EVERYTHING including his real name, social security number, place of birth, but when confronted, continued to lie. Said it was all a banking error blah, blah, blah. He was a sociopath who believed his own lies. That is how he was convincing con man. I was number three in women who had fallen for it, and due to a broken justice system, was not the last.

This is not the everyday dick I speak of.

Normal people, stop it. PLEASE!

“I will take care of you, protect you” … bullshit. Don’t say it. In fact, don’t even get into a relationship with another human being.

Your floors will be done in a few days, 3 weeks later and no grout, zip it. I promise 2 days, dude, it’s NOT possible. Stop fucking LYING!!! Now I have to be an asshole, call you a liar. This is not pleasant for me! So I’m screwed twice, thanks.

I’ll pay you back. I love you. You misunderstood me. I promise. I’ll be there. Anything you need. Empty words! The best compliment I ever recieved was from my ex’s Mother, “You can always believe Andy. She does what she says she’s going to do.”

Its next to impossible in this world to believe one word that rolls off the tongue from another human. Why are you so afraid to tell the truth? Just don’t SAY it. You are a better person NOT making false promises. I found out a LOT about the people in my life, and I continue to be astounded that they still bother to lie right to my face!!! Cancer will help you cut through the crap real quick! Now it’s just a few disappointments here and there. New people, gotta worry about those…GREAT!

I’m overcooked with crap!

So, I wrote this 2 nights ago, and wasn’t going to post it. Then it came up again, so, to all of you who do break a commitment, lie, cheat, do something deplorable, try APOLOGIZING for it! You have to MEAN it though!

I personally have a “can see through your bullshit” meter in my heart! I don’t even need to see you!

My birthday’s are just as fun alone!!!

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