One year ago today was my first day of treatment. I’d already had three surgeries, been hospitalized twice, suffered excruciating pain I felt I would literally die from, gone insane temporarily (cure yet to be diagnosed), and steadied myself for what I was told would be horrendous. One year ago they put the mask on me, locked me to the table, put Jim Croce on the radio, and began to burn the shit out of me.

Fifteen little minutes, shoving mouth guards in, smiling through tears, and of course strutting around my boot collection for seven weeks, everyday in order to fry every cell clinging to my jaw bone good and bad.

One year ago I had my first chemo treatment. Today I had my hair done, getting ready for Cancun in six days. What a difference in chairs.

Maria took me that first day. You can see my port being used for the first of many times.

Today I cleaned the house (with contraband chemicals). I ate bread, ice cream, and artichoke dip.

Yesterday, I had physical therapy and my first MRI. I’m having trouble with my tongue. Hoping for more answers tomorrow when I meet with my fabulous radiologist, Dr. Lindsay Sales, one of the few original team members. Still have physical therapy 3 times a week, excersise my mouth everyday, can’t eat steak or chicken, feel like a total burden to some, have pain everyday in more ways than one, wonder about that crazy thing, but struggle and fight with ferocity! I have more good days than bad now. I have more knows than what ifs.

I’m going to fight for me! I know who is in my corner, and love all who give me a push along the way! People ask me how I do it, and I’m not a special case. Anyone can do anything they want if they decide to! Courage is embarking upon a journey with no guarantee of success! Be brave!

I may go blind, but my heart will bring me through! I fought and beat cancer! I battle it’s ravaging aftermath, but I refuse to sink!

2 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Beautiful, wonderful post, honey. You are a truly amazing woman. For anyone who wants to be inspired, I will point to you and your ferocious life!


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