Someone asked me recently what happened to one of my friendships , and it made me think about power. The struggles we have giving, getting, releasing and retrieving it to maintain a valuable relationship.

What are you willing to give up of yourself to get what you need? What amount of abuse are you willing to suffer to hang on? So many keep the peace so long that they lose the will to stand up for what is right. If you let too many things go, even when you know it’s wrong, your defeatist attitude will become you. You will be defeated. Let that stew passivist. If you finally stand up for what is right, you will still be wrong. Go ahead and fight ’till you’re blue in the face, but you will still be WRONG. You let it slide.

I know I did, and I am ultimately wrong. I should have taken a firm stand from the beginning and stood up for myself, but I let out so much line it snapped. I allowed myself to be hurt to keep the peace, because I didn’t want to fight. WTF? I didn’t want to stand up for myself? Who the hell else should you stand up for? The humpback whales? This is your one way ticket; my one way ticket! However much time I have left on the clock will not be spent on someone else’s clock! No matter what it costs!

From now on, I am going to be better holding my power close. Give out very little, because no one needs it but me!

I saw this first thing after writing this piece. Perfect!! Thanks Mary!

Replace woman with person…

2 thoughts on “Power

    1. I know I will need a reminder from time to time as well! This Blog is going to be a huge crux in my life! I LOVE it when I remember to take care of myself! I see great things in the future!!!


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