I thought I was losing my edge, not successfully multitasking, but then i thought, no, you just put too much on your plate. Who me? NEVER hehe.

Going to my doctor’s appointments, visiting my friend in the hospital, getting ready for Mexico, cleaning the house after tile, Sportsman show, visiting inlaws, bringing them food, learning a new profession, starting a company, taking care of my other company, working, cooking, but I didn’t write. Sorry.

I am.

Could have used a nice reflective time to quiet the noise, and focus.

I missed a few things, but I think they will be here, ready to accomplish when I return.

People constantly tell me I’m a liar when I tell them about myself. No one believes that I have done all of the things I have. Why should they? Why do I care?

There it is!

I slowed down when I moved to Idaho. No doubt! A friend made a joke, gave me a jibe last year when I was sick taking about disability. “It’s not like you ever work anyway. Go ahead and collect my taxes.” Something to that effect. Mind you, I was just out of brain surgery, and still in terrible pain from radiation treatment.

“To the moon Alice,” I wanted to throttle him.

Point is, I always try to do too much at one time, and I’m sorry I didn’t stop to write anything to you!

I’ll write you from Cancun on a fabulous vacation with NO stress!

No hecklers or felons on this RELAXING vacation!

Already my girlfriend has said, “Um…we’re going to paradise.”

Yes we are!

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