I just got back from Cancun, well almost, I’m on my final leg of the journey. I have been a non smoker for over a year now. I’ve been to Lorteo, Belize, San Diego twice, and now Cancun. I noticed people who smoke, because I loved it and still want one. I see everyone in my limited field of vision who puffs. I doubt if I ever will stop THIS stupid habit. It’s liking buying a car. As soon as you get a new car you instantly start seeing it EVERYWHERE! I still love the smell too, so I’m not one of those douche bags who turns up my nose, coughs uncontrollably, or dramatically complains about your smoke! I do notice, however, how few left there are. I know it’s a fabulous thing. They’re dangerous. Everywhere I go though, except fishing, the habit seems to be disappearing. When I was fishing in Riggins, everyone on my boat smoked.

The sales decline must be staggering in the tabacco industry. I’d look but I’m in flight with no wifi. To those of you that quit, WELL DONE! Without cancer I probably never would have succeeded!!! To those who still smoke, thank you for a brief whiff of my past! Italy will be interesting.

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