All inclusive

Huge believer, just to be clear. If you can get it, take it! My first cruise to Mexico, the bar tab was one thousand dollars for 7 days. WOW!! For the trip I am on now, 6 days in Cancun, $100 extra for the all inclusive package. SOLD!! Anytime and everytime you don’t have to ask twice, but that’s not what I was thinking about.

Do you really want all inclusive relationships? I would hope that if all my friends and acquaintances were in the same room they would get along. At least be adults in their variety! I’m lacking very few of today’s labels, but I can guarantee my friend’s friends are not! I just haven’t personally been introduced.

The people I know are so vastly different it sometimes amazes me. When I’m with one person or a group I have to stop and think, “Will this person get along and vice versa?” Whereas some people only hang out with like minded people.

Needless to say, when it comes to people, I don’t want the package. I’m happy with the diversity!

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