Different times

For the most part I have traveled with a certain reason in mind. This year my reasons have changed.

I used to go somewhere for family, friends, jobs, events and fishing… repeat. Now I just want to have fun, relax, meet new people, and don’t care if I fish, see people I know, make money, or fish. It’s astonishing to people that I go somewhere and do something different. I’ve been doing it for years, people just didn’t understand it. I’ve been coming to the Caribbean for two decades. Just because I did it for modeling jobs, fishing, whatever, didn’t mean I was going to stop coming here. On the contrary, now I want to be here more often! I can just relax and enjoy it, maybe find a spot to retire in, but for sure going to come when I can!

See you again soon! With or without a fishing pole, I can still enjoy life!

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