Please, I beg of you, READ this an put it inside your brain. Repeat it over and over until it is so charred that you will NEVER forget it!

When it comes to your health, repeat..

“I will stand up for MYSELF and ALWAYS be my own advocate!!!!”

Fire your doctors, get second opinions, listen to people who have lived through it, and NEVER wait! When the doctor told me I had suspicious cells and we’ll check it in a month..FXCKING FIRED. New doctor, let’s get you into surgery and biopsy IMMEDIATELY! That saved my jaw bone and god knows what else.

If you have a problem, SCREAM until you are blue in the face! I did, and I got results that saved my life!

DO NOT EVER sit back, scared, and take bullshit EVER!!! Your fear can cost you your LIFE! You wait, and the damage can lead to hideous quality of life you may BEG for death!


I’m adding a bikini pic so HOPEFULLY more people will read it!


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