I’ve been living in Idaho for fourteen years now, and in the last year I feel as though I am finally seeing the opportunity here. I’ve been obsessed with the natural beauty, at peace in so many ways, but now wonderful people are coming into my life when I need it. Thank you destiny for hanging tough with me. Sorry, I’ve been bucking you for so long, unsure if I was truly right, and without the faith in myself.

I’m going to follow my heart, face my fears, and help people. The decision has been made, and now people are coming into my life with answers to subside my fear. I haven’t even begun to look, and they are, unbeknownst to them, jumping in front of me.

Perhaps all I needed to do was give in, and all my dreams would’ve been presented to me. Here’s the thing, teach this and the world WILL become a better place, find something that not only makes you happy but also betters the world.

I’ve struggled with the question about the mass shootings, gun violence, gun control, safety of citizens, and I’ve tried to find the answer without making the argument a religious one. Everyone have one hour of mandatory community service a week? Stand up an sing Amazing Grace everyday? Perhaps teaching everyone to love and respect each other should be paramount!

I know it’s a strange blog and segue, or is it?

One thought on “Opportunities

  1. Andy, you never cease to amaze me! In 1993, I wrote a vision for myself that goes like this:
    My vision is of a world where differences don’t matter — where people love and respect one another.
    Perhaps a bigger dose of empathy and connection is needed.


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