I’ll be better soon..

My computer will be here Friday, something called a chromebook, refurbished, but functional. Monday, wifi will be turned back on, and back to life begins. Not the same life though. In the past, most jobs I loved and lost were because of a man. Done with that pattern.

Life is changing so fast; I can’t believe myself. Now that my scary road has been drawn, I need a bulldozer to help me forge the path. I’m doing pretty damn good with my little machete so far. Hopefully, I can get the help I need, because one way or another, this IS happening!

Six days ago I decided to start a website to help people going through illness. I found my passion finally! One that’s burning frantic in me. I worked until my fingers burned with pain, and I thought my hands would bleed. The website builder double typed every word, my phone couldn’t take the heat, the 4g couldn’t keep up, but buy2beat.com came online.

This started the first of March when I decided to start Carlson’s Inc, an FBA company. Unfortunately, it felt empty. Just a job. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to start a new company and do something new, however, I have to have purpose. Six days ago my purpose banged me on the head! I want a portal for people to find products that will help them in their battle. So simple, but nowhere to be found.

So, my strategy is 3 fold. Start the Amazon business, make enough to keep the nonprofit running and start an online shoe store. With that, I’m going to start manufacturing products to make battling people more comfortable and give them away as gifts!

How about that for a new beginning?

Watch out, the bulldozer is coming, but I’m doing the driving!!!

4 thoughts on “I’ll be better soon..

  1. Awwwww how sweet and very kind of you ….you have such a big heart and a courageous one at that ! Keep up the positive work and it will come back 10X + I love you and I am so proud of you!


    1. Thank you Shannon!!
      I know this will be helpful for so many people!!
      That’s always been a problem for me. I try to help too many people, but with this, I can rest my soul knowing I am doing it! Sending LOVE!


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