Come on, you gotta laugh and technically I’m not ALL there. Wifi doesn’t get here until Monday, but the computer arrived. It’s used and wasn’t perfect, but then so am I! My old laptop from 2001 would get so hot your fingers would burn. If the plug wasn’t just right it would crash. What a disaster it was!

This used baby was made within the last 10 years at least. Defective models that we are had to go to the computer repair store to figure it out, but eventually we hacked into the bloody thing! Voila!

Then the magician told me what I couldn’t do with a chromebook, and I worried that my new company would suffer with it’s inefficiencies so I bought a REAL laptop.

The clock is ticking now! I have all my passwords set, thanks to the hotspot. It’s 12:30 am, and I HAVE to get to sleep early for a Doctor’s appointment. I need to start making money

One more weekend and I better be ready! Monday it’s gonna get CRAZY!

My mentor gave some advice today. Basically he said that of you feel uncomfortable, you’re doing something right.

Let’s hope so (as I pop another Tums)!!!

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