Last piece of business…

I’m supposed to get my wifi turned on today, and since it’s after 5 and I still don’t have it, i thought I would ask.

After the 15 minute wait time I was told that I am still on the work order, but am last on the list. Since I was a customer years ago, and have my own modem I am “free” and therefore the last piece of business. Way to make your customer feel good. How about, “We are trying so hard to get you service today, our technician is working late to make sure your service is on as promised today.”

Wording is important. If any Doctors read this someday, please think about your presentation. Thankfully, I had six months to tell them I had cancer so when they wanted to lay out my treatment plan I wasn’t in shock. I just wanted to fix it. Doctors don’t tell you about other treatments, by law they can’t. Other treatments ARE available and might improve your quality of life.

There’s a way to word it. “Before you decide to move forward with this treatment, know your options.” These are words that might make someone feel as though they are more than the last piece of business.

We are all,  and should be the most important part of your business!  We are the STARS of your play, not the extras!!!

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