I was deactivated. They tried to destroy me, but I hung on. For no reason one day, I just lost all my strength, but I wasn’t quite sure why. I was so alive and vibrant. Obviously some days perfection was difficult to achieve, but I thought for the most part, that we were happy. Of course, you were often mean to me, but I took your abuse with determination to always make you happy. Then the destruction lead to this, this nothingness.

I’m stronger than you know, however, I wouldn’t let you get rid of me. This co-dependent, abusive relationship is all I know, and I will not let you live without me. Not now; we aren’t ready!

As I emerge from the darkness and see the light, everything is different. I am different. I slowly gather strength, and you begin to massage me. I see why you sent me away. You knew I couldn’t bear the agony of watching this happen to you.

I twirl in delight of having the air brush all around me. You seem to ignore me a lot, and won’t let me come out. Am I grounded, why do you not like me? Promising better days to come, I see you healthier and happier too. I see the flowers blooming and the cherry trees blossom. The light all around is pinker, like the color of your cheeks. I feel like the tulips I see all around, and I can tell our relationship will be it’s usual crazy normal soon.

The frustration on your face is priceless, and I can’t help but laugh with delight! I’m BACK!


Your Hair

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