We HATE this…

I used to think it was just me, however, it apparently annoys other writers too. The worst thinking you can say to me goes along these lines..

“I want to write book someday.”

Why? Why someday? Why aren’t you writing a book NOW? Children that are 6 years old write and get published.

“It’s so hard!”

Fxck-n-a right it’s hard!!! If it was easy you would be on the New York Times Best Seller’s list already, and don’t think fore ONE second I don’t know you’ve already won a Pulitzer in your own own mind. We all have a story that makes us unique, tell your story, but it’s hard. I don’t care if you are writing about boo boo the baboon, it’s exposing yourself so completely, and letting people see what’s in your twisted little mind.  The insecurity of people not liking it is HORRIBLE.  The people who don’t read it at all is crushing.   The ones who criticize is heartbreaking, but that’s just some of it’s charms.

I wasn’t surprised someone bought my books in mortal fear that I would expose family secrets, and I wrote fiction! We’ll deal with that someday, don’t worry! (If you are reading this, I’m more than ready to spill the ghosts!)

Back on point, this is about YOU! Take a workshop, take 10, but put the all mighty, or proverbial pen to the page and write. Do worry if it’s perfect, spelled correctly, grammatically correct, but STOP telling me about it.

The first person I met in Belize spent 2 hours telling me his story of rape, prostitution, the mob, still afraid to say anything, DUDE, this is my vacation! Start an anonymous blog. You own a restaurant on an island, you’ve got time. Leave me alone, I’ve just spent 12 hours on planes and in airports. He isn’t the first!

Please, don’t come to me about publishing! I googled it and so can you! Clearly, I don’t know shit! You don’t see my name on a marquee somewhere. The fact is, DO it! I’ve heard it all before, but until you say, “Hey, I’m writing a book, would you look at some pages?” I’m sending you to this particular blog to tell you EXACTLY how it’s done!

2 thoughts on “We HATE this…

  1. You could look at all the input you get as a gift. You can use these stories in the next fictional novel you write. The stories may coalesce into one narrative that ends up in a series of books. Anyhow, try making a short note about the gist of what someone has told you. Look at your short notes in a month or so & see if they form a pattern.

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