Cut the CRAP!

I got sick of this beyond all reason! You have no idea how much I wanted to smack the lies off your face. “Your kindness will send you to hell!” I wanted to say! Here’s my proof! Go straight to church, get on you knees, and ask for forgiveness from the Almighty. I may be your lesson for the day! DON’T LIE!!!!

Every time you lied to me, you made ME the liar. Every time I said my teeth look like Jim Carey in “The Grinch”, and you said “No!” I wanted to throw up. Yes they did, and this before picture is after seeing the dentist for a cleaning! The dental assistant said those stains were permanent, and I would need veneers.

This guy is a genius, an it’s all organic! Your teeth are actually HEALTHIER afterwards! My hero for the year! Thank you, Brett, for letting me feel better about myself and my smile. Say goodbye to the hand over my mouth. I’ve given up on fixing the skin. It is what it is, but at least I can smile again with confidence! I felt bad you all had to see my grill!

Putting yourself back together again after something like this takes time, and money. It’s tough to see yourself wither away so quickly and change so drastically. Yes, your self esteem takes a beating, and tears are shed. Radiation is massively destructive, antibiotic mouthwash turns teeth black, I couldn’t brush my teeth for 6 months, they were FXCKED UP!

Why don’t you just say, “Not for long! You’ll be back to your old self soon enough!”

Cut the crap!

Brett (208)713-5191

2 thoughts on “Cut the CRAP!

  1. Very glad that you were able to get your smile back! Love your smile. (love you anyway, with or without a beautiful smile)….Your fan, Sherry


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