The last 2 days have been bipolar, but it’s Spring, what else? Yesterday, I found out that yet again, my insurance was inactive.

I began digging, and it turns out that Family Member and the primary, were covered. Literally, first name “Family” last name “Member” was now married to Joe, and I did not have insurance.  AGAIN!  Well done, Family, hope the neurosurgeon takes your card.

Does this kind of blatant disregard for the human sucker punch anyone else? I asked the Specialist at Blue Cross if I was the only one or if everyone enjoyed the enima? HONESTLY!
Is it possible that I’m the only person with Federal Blue Cross Insurance from the the Air Force suffers so?

Just me?

In the last 2 years, I have shed tears over insurance more than cancer, aneurism, radiation necrosis, thrush 4 times, infusions, infections, surgeries, therapies, feeding tubes, blindness, ect, They shut off my insurance 5 days before brain surgery, got the date wrong leaving me stuck with tens of thousands in bills threatening my credit, and my hands are tied because they wont speak to me, only the uninterested primary prancing in the woods.   Now, we are on year 2 of the same dilemma, and yesterday, I wish they would have let me die in that surgery room June 30th.

Tomorrow is another day though, and I had a great day today!  My new business papers came though, business bank account open, and I’m ready to help a LOT of people!Hang on, despair if you need to , but don’t give up ever!!!

I’m writing in the dark, please forgive the typos.
My heart aches for all of you struggling with INSURANCE!!!

Roll with the punches!

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