‘Cause Mommy said so…

Well, I never listened to her! At least, she said I didn’t. However, being raised by a Southern lady is difficult to ignore. I berate myself constantly due to some unforgivable lack of courtesy. Did I ask if you wanted something to drink? Shit, that will be stuck forever. Now that my sight is a problem, I find it difficult to be perfect, ALWAYS! Sorry if I didn’t see you there. I CAN’T SEE! Kewl guy tip, I was never perfect, and I’m not about to start now!

I’m boisterous, ok! I’m loud, explosive, clear-cut, and one of the most direct people you’ll ever meet. If you’ve read one or two of my blogs you get this. Mother has, for years, told me I get more attention if I speak softer. Sure, that is true. You have to lean in to listen, and it causes you to pay attention. Rules are rules and this one is undeniable. I try, trust me, I’ve attempted this grand alteration of my general nature, but by the end of my first sentence the passion in me overrides the bitch in my head, and I’m filling the room with my voice.

Apparently, no matter how soft or loud , decent or crude, people don’t heed my most EXCELLENT advice! One of these days, a few of you will and it will save your life. So far, the few who have asked my opinion have ignored it to their detriment. I’m talking about death, end game. Listen and ACT. I have nothing but love for you!

Mom IS awesome by the way, and I LOVE HER!

2 thoughts on “‘Cause Mommy said so…

  1. You know, I think we all ignore what our moms say until we are old enough to find the pearls in our mothers’ wisdom.


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