Everything is temporary..

The only constant is change, nothing last forever, someday memories are all you’ll have..pick one. My personal favorite as you probably know is..this is your one way ticket. Hundreds of thousands of quotes allude to the frailty of life. I learned it’s valuable lesson when I was seven. The words , “Your Father has been killed,” sets a tone in a little girls life. That’s not why I write tonight, no, I wish to tell you go for your dreams. I’m starting new chapter. Everyday is a gift, that’s why I call it present. I’ve had a dozen chapters. Working on fishing boats, singing with a band, nightclub manager, cook, actress, baton teacher, model, author, political advocate, bartender, barrista, agent, lawn care, call center, insurance sales, private investigator, bail bondsman, publicist, and dog sitter might cover some of the ventures but they miss the lover, laugher, dancer, dreamer, and passionate person I am. Fierce, firey. determined, dedicated most unreal pain is the ass you’ll never know what to do with.

I’m flawed, of course, because with all this passion comes stubborn, unyielding, insecure, sad, suffering, but I’m not manic, bi polar, or any other silly diagnosis you pin on a vibrant person.

Guess what, life is hard. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy so I don’t have kids. I try to spread a bit of happiness, and make the world a better place. Enjoying it is paramount, so do it damn it. My FAVORITE book as a kid was “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” and I’m going to live my life by this montra until my dying day,

I hope you follow me to Italy on Tuesday! I hope you dig into yourself today, and take a chance! Live your one way ticket!

Yes, I made up the word laugher, because I CAN!!!!

I hope you dance!

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