I’m sure it won’t surprise regular readers, my spirit awaits with excitement and ferocity to pounce on Italy. Watch OUT! I NEVER meant to go NOW! My plan was to go at the age of 55 and possibly, not return. I always thought I would live for a time in Europe, but time and again plans changed. I love great culture, cuisine, history, romance, drama, language, and relish all that brings.

Of course, I have a huge country and ocean to cross first, but I’ll be there by Wednesday morning at 9:00 am ready for breakfast. The weather will be wet and much chillier than normal. MAJOR packing changes needed to be made. Guess I will have to go back again someday when I can flash my legs.

I find myself facing the same conundrums as Belize. How will I be able to write when I’m so busy being enthralled? I’m a “present” person constantly seeking the next stimulation not reflecting on what was just there a minute ago.

I thought for sure I would write more in Belize, but the neverending parade of new experience kept me in unbreakable rapture. I fear Italy will blow Caye Caulker’s pristine butt.

I will try to write more so that I remember detail. That is important! Take more photos perhaps of a sinking city that has enthralled me for many years. Allow me to adjust my crown and embark on my adventure! See you across the pond?

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