I’m off..

..my rocker most would say. I’ve heard it all my life, and I must say thank you for the encouragement. HAHA! Who wants to be on their rockers? Without that disgust, who knows, I could be 25 years in corporate sitting at a cubicle doing data entry. Yes, I did just laugh, for that was NEVER in the cards with me. Go ahead and do the lobotomy if you want some sort of utopian society, because it’s the only way you’ll control me. I’m the divergent. Ask my Mother, even she let go of the reins when I was 14 and said, “Here, you do it.” She moved 3 hours away. Fair play to the queen!

I snuck out of the house CONSTANTLY when I was a little girl. I broke into the community pool and read all night. I have ALWAYS been a creature of the night so being a private investigator for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, bartending, bail bondsman, these were perfect occupations! I thrived in those jobs, or owning my own company. Fishing was another fitting profession, because I woke up AT work. Someone made sure my ass was downstairs on deck or making breakfast everyday. I LOVED that job! Watching the sunrise and sunset each day was beautiful!

Needless to say, it was another thing I did that most people felt was crazy, stupid, wreckless, but that is who I am. I was always that way. I heard stories of my fearlessness from when I was too young to remember. Unless I started this behavior after my Father died? I never asked. I do know that after that, death didn’t bother me.

Again, it’s a moot point, I am this way. I think all of these recent health problems reminded me to be me again. Sure Bodnar and I traveled all over to go fishing, but I enjoy more than that! I love architecture, art, history, languages, culture, food. I’m excited to get dressed up, see a show, take a dinner cruise, and of course, see Michelangelo’s masterpiece!

So, off to Italy I go, alone! Sorry Mother, that I’m such a cause of worry. I LOVE YOU! Happy Birthday and Mother’s Day if you EVER get the time to read these!Adventure awaits!

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