You can only do so much! I’ve done my absolutely BEST to make my trip as low stress as possible. I did not wear metal, do have my medicines ready to get tested, ect..but I can’t do it all, be prepared for everything, and therefore travel is always a challenge. Two snaggs so far, have sucked. My flight was late into Chicago so I had to run from f gates to C gates in 20 minutes. If you know O’Hare, you know it is brutal, because there, Boise only people, the airport is PACKED! Rushing through is like battling your way through the horse in the Kentucky Derby..the opposite direction! I made it, but it was a packed flight no upgrade option. So they took my carry on. I had to stuff everything I could into my purse, and hand it over. I won’t get it back until Venice, and so, for the next 9 hours I had better sleep! My medicine is in that bag, shit!I made it to my Venice flight with ease, so I grabbed a drink by my gateFair enough, because I met a lady there from New York headed to a huge art fair in San Marco. She quickly realized my mistake, and informed me that my hotel was very far from the Venice I wished to visit. Oops. Thank you insurance, because in minutes she was directing me to proper locations. Although they are all booked, I managed to get a place much closer to the island for the first 5 days, mind you I will be in Rome and Florence, and a lovely place in St. Marco for my last 3 days. Crisis avoided and well worth the cost of the cocktail!During the 9 hour flight, my luck continued to turn! Seated next to me was a fisherman from Chula Vista on his 3rd work trip to the area. He gave me a lift to my hotel, and I owe him a fishing trip. Venice is not an easy city to navagate without at least SOME guidance. While my mistakes have been expensive, the corrections have increased the value of the trip! I am grateful for all of the time I’ve saved!

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  1. Enjoying your writing and pictures. I see it is 1:45 am.there right now. Wishing you a smooth and safe adventure your whole vacation!

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