What a load a…

Shit! I’ve seen perhaps a dozen pigeons today, HONESTLY! A handful for sure, but I was expecting an Alfred Hitchcock amount of birds, and truth is I didn’t worry once about my clothes being assaulted. I even left my good coat behind, but should’ve never sacrificed fashion.

I LOVE this city! I love the bricks holding up her stilts, corsets cinching together the walls, and makeup to stop anyone in their tracks. I feel like a proper audience member participating in a moment of epic play. I see the corners no longer in use as if that part of the set was put aside for the next show. I see some places that have clearly broke for intermission, others in full swing of their respective acts. What a magnificent production! I saw a dozen windows I wish I could call my own, beautiful wooden boats, to which I wish I had the key, and great cafes which I would love to give my hands to the galleys..oh how I wish I could be yours and you mine. What a glorious city with secrets hidden deep in powerful architecture, and it’s depressing that the new growth all around the world couldn’t inspire such intrigue and beauty.

I would love to wander these streets for a year, get a little Chris Craft and explore the canals!

I walk lazily through the streets like my shoes were filled with concrete. I sucked in the city, watched the light change from sun to storm, strolled in the rain.

A nice man offered his umbrella to me. I was just crossing the bridge to the bus station, so I graciously declined. I had Venice coated both inside and out; my heart beamed! Thank you Venice for your inspiring gift! I’m in love with you! Catch your act tomorrow’s!

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