Bound to be blunders..

First thing I did this morning is jump on the wrong bus, and when the door closed it crushed my umbrella. This, fortunately, should be the last rainy day, and I asked before traversing the mestre all morning. I jumped off at the next stop, and onto the number 2 delivering me to Venizia.

Now I am on the proper boat bus to St. Marco’s square for a 9 am tour which I pray will wait, because it’s 8:58. We are at S. Basilio, wherever that is. The water is tumultuous today, hopefully no one gets sick here.

Yesterday, I never made it passed Rialto Bridge. I enjoyed the stroll through the city. Now I’m praying this barreling beast powers through the sea to my destination! Like any other city on a rainy day..traffic. May the Doge forgive me.

Yeah, no. He didn’t. I had to wait until 2pm, but I wasn’t the only one. Made 2 new friends from M hi Minnesota who also got stuck in the rain. So off to a cafe together, FABULOUS!

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