To the train..

So far, so good. I’m on the high speed train to Rome, and yes, I’m on the right one even though it says I’m headed to Naples lol. I took a nice, and very much needed nap. I’ve been so worried about missing transportation that real slumber has eluded me. Well, the body finally won a few rounds. I just woke up and we are 30 minutes away. The landscape has condensed with homes, and the agricultural lands are disappearing. The city looms it’s way through the rolling hills.My destination is approaching, and I am again on a timed adventure. I am hoping to get a taxi instead of a bus, because I have to be at the Vatican at 2:30. There’s no do over this time. It’s the last showing for the day. So, drop off my bag and get to the Pope on time. I am properly dressed having been given my instructions so that won’t slow me down. I know the proper bus number, but it only gets me 75% of the way there. Then I have to walk. Oh please, taxi save my already tired dogs. Get me to the church on time!

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