Florence a bust…

Not that there was too much riding on it, I did want to see the David, but not at that cost. As I was whisked from the station to my hotel on the other side of town, all I could see was wall to wall stores. Not the, “Hey you’re a tourist, come buy some magnets!” No the, “If you have to ask what it cost, you don’t belong here!” Sorry, but I left Richard Gere’s credit card in my other movie! At least in the other cities the super wealthy meshed with the regular people. Yes, the restaurants closer to the attractions are more expensive, but if you don’t KNOW $25.00 for a tuna sandwich is a bit much, there’s no help for you!I seriously felt like I was in Manhattan or Beverly Hills which is NOT why I came to Italy! True beauty and passion are all around without the need for material crap! The real people, even the ones sinking themselves into financial misery and despair (Johnny Depp) are the ones I want to see. Sipping coffee, laughing at a sidewalk cafe with friends, walking around the Vatican like everyone else, blended and above a credit card or bank account. From the moment I rode through the streets, I wanted to leave. So I did!

Now I’m sitting comfortably in First Class barreling back to my motel in Venice! Ironic isn’t it, but for $5 more, live a little! This is my vacation after all!I look forward to strolling through the streets tomorrow, coffee in hand, not judging or feeling judged, watching the beautiful boats go by, and finding the funky Jewish section of town! What JOY!Nice car though!

2 thoughts on “Florence a bust…

  1. Your comment about a Richard Gere credit card — did you know that Richard Gere has been on the Board of the International Council for Tibet for at least 15 years? He has served as President, CEO, and Board Chairman. I know because I have been part of the Save Tibet movement for 20+ years.

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