No bad days…Lol

I’m back in Venice, with all my things, clean clothes, medicine, and familiarity which brought me peace. The surely woman at the front desk, hates how her husband helps me, was even NICE! I didn’t have enough cash to pay for my bus fare, and she gave it to me despite my empty pockets.

Speaking to family and friends for Mother’s Day was comforting, perhaps for all of us. The realization that I’m where I want to be, safe, and off of the midnight trains is relaxing. I SLEPT like the dead for the first time in 7 days. I was astonished when, with no alarm set, I didn’t wake up until noon!

It’s embarrassing that I would waste so much precious time of this once in a lifetime vacation. I’m not sorry one bit, because by aches and pains alone I could tell that restoration was in order. My hair was smashed beyond repair, but even after a deep conditioning treatment it wanted to lay down and die for another 8 hours. Well, no, out we go, flat or no.

In two days, I had failed to notice through the trees that a fricking superstore was just across from my bus stop! In I went, back to the room and voila, I’m ready to hit the town!

Clean AND styled! Venice awaits my fearless examination and I’m ready to impale her! Felling charged, powerful, and on a mission to fulfill my dying wish! Ten things still remain on my Venice list, and today two of them shall be realized.

As well as the ATM!

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