Sticks and stones…

I can understand what people are saying in regards to the stupid American with her silly cup and straw. I get they don’t understand, when you’ve had mouth cancer, and extremel radiation, keeping the palette damp is crucial. To break it down simply, radiation burned my salivary glands. Anyone know what happens in a mouth with no saliva? Hands?

I see a few of you..Tooth decay, gum disease, halitosis, the long term effects can cause death, and death is what you will wish if you have to get near me. So laugh away, call me names, but I will throttle you if you try to take my stupid cup!

I’m positive that it’s too much to ask not to judge. I’m sure I do look silly carrying it everywhere, but mind your own business. I’ve heard it in Italian AND French…really? I have to admit, what they don’t know is, they make me giggle. I have a grin from ear to ear when I literally shrug it off. You/they cannot take away a moment of my pleasure, and that includes a warm cup of coffee on cold, rainy days!

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