You didn’t see coming..

Burano is that kinda town! As you approach, the feeling of ambiguity sets. If you don’t know anything about it, which I didn’t, it’s just a park with trees, statue, and a few boats on a small island.Then it becomes a assault of color, character, and charm. Each new corner of town has something for everyone. I was reminded of Balboa, California, but in the sense of this being the original!The lace is EXQUISITE, and several stores sale a vast variety of pieces AND prices. Clothing, bedding, framed art, and it’s one of a kind. The colors are a bam, Bam, BAM at each trun blues, reds, yellows, and everything in between fresh and BRIGHT! Little streams with little boats in almost a doll town. I walked in to a cafe to get a coffee, and two old surely men argued about politics, a woman swepped her store swoop, little kids ran about laughing making it a scene from a Disney cartoon. Unreal and incredibly precious, I would love to stay! Who wouldn’t?

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