So different..

I found myself struggling with why today. Why was this trip so VERY different than all my others. Of course, it is Italy, and I’ve never been. I’m alone, not completely abnormal. Different language? Never was a problem. Then it hit me..

There’s no bars. Everywhere you turn it says bar, but there’s no where to sit. Everyplace has tables segregating each mini group. No way to talk to the bartender, get to know a few locals. My hotel bar has 2 seats, I’m currently at a place called the Corner Pub outside the Gugenhiem, 2 seats, and the only place was Harry’s Bar, boasting 7 stools and HUGE turnover. I wish I could afford to spend more time there simply because it feels comforting. Normal.

I typically find my place, a stomping ground and make friends. I haven’t found a single place that lends itself to that. Time for a serious pub crawl even if I am too late.

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