Sparkling or still..

I love fabric on thirty foot walls.Aside… (Pretty woman just came on radio, and it has me laughing since I just responded to Sherry’s response to Richard Gere’s credit card. )Back to the point, I’m eating at the Casino in Venice. Probably the most expensive shrimp and asparagus ever, no big thing, I urge you to splurge. Don’t be surprised by colossal mishaps, be ready for a few. FIX them!!Do NOT take a once in a lifetime vacation and skimp on something that will be remembered negatively. What’s the point? I booked my room months ago, and didn’t know until Newark that it was so far from Venice. I booked a motel to be closer, and wasn’t refunded a dime from the original place.At one point I had 3 hotels, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I was happier in Venice, and MUCH calmer. I was finally able so sleep. More at home than anywhere in Italy, but even in Rome I changed places. So, I was INCREDIBLY WRONG, and it’s a STEEP bill, but what WOULD have been the cost. This isn’t camping with a chance of rain, it’s Italy, and I refuse to have it marred by a freezing room, inoperable locks, wasted drive time, or foolish stubbornness because I PAID!Back to the Casino.

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